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Části kytary - krky

Části kytary - krky9.8.2007 Části kytary - krky ( Příslušenství)
9.8.2007 22:31

Ibanez One-piece neck
9.8.2007 22:31

Ibanez Scarf Joint - three pieces
9.8.2007 22:31

Ibanez Scarf Joint
9.8.2007 22:31

Ibanez three-piece neck
9.8.2007 22:32

Ibanez USA necks
6.12.2007 18:39
Convenient Neck Truss-rod Adjustment
The neck features an easily accessible side adjustment for the truss-rod. 
This allows the neck to be set perfectly straight to allow ultra-low action. 
It is not necessary to take off the neck to make an adjustment. 
Strings are simply slackened, and do not need to be removed
Truss Rod Adjustment
23.3.2008 23:19
Heeless, bezpaztkový přístup
washburn N61 heel
11.8.2009 14:40

Scalloped neck